Tirso Techwear


Tirso Workwear is specialized and involved

in workwear production.

Tirso Techwear

Workwear | PPE

Protective work clothing intended to protect the person from risks of physical damage according to the requirements established by European guidelines.

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Tirso Techwear

Quality of Fabrics
  • Abrasion and tension resistance

    (ISO 12947 – EN ISO 13934)

  • Shrinkage resistant

    (UNI EN 25077)

  • Strength and durability to ironing

    (UNI EN ISO 105-X11)

  • Washing resistant color

    (UNI EN ISO 105-D1 – UNI EN 20105)

  • Pigments test (allergies, toxicity)

    (ASTM D 276 – 87 AATCC 20 – 1998)

  • Breathability